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baeksoo firsts drabble thingies

idk i was writing these "baeksoo firsts" to shanice on skype a long time ago and here they are, various ratings
warning: horrifically unbeta'd and self indulgent head canons

first kiss
kyungsoo leaning against the wall of lockers
baek is leaning in
kyungsoo gasps
so tiny though
almost inaudible
baek wouldn't have noticed had he not been so close
kyungsoo's eyes are wide open but they're slowly moving downwards, looking at baek's mouth as he approaches
he bites his bottom lip
then realizes wait
i shouldn't be doing that if we're..are we doing this? is he about to?
he's about to actually ask
but then baek's lips are on his
baek's eyes are closed so kyungsoo thinks he should close his too
and he does
and baekhyn must have some sort of telepathy or something or maybe it's because his other senses become numb because as soon as his eyes are closed it's like he feels the kiss ten times the intensity
kyungsoo is such a dumbass because he's been wanting baekhyun to kiss him for weeks, months, but suddenly all he can think about is how late for class they're going to be if they don't stop
so he pushes baek away
and yeah baek definitely has telepathy because he smirks and tells kyungsoo to stop worrying, it's just history, kyungsoo has a fucking 4.0 anyway
but he knows the anxiety kyungsoo will get anyway
so he kisses him one more time, quick and chaste but links their fingers together and his eyes promise "later" as they walk off to class

first time
it's at baek's house
because kyungsoo's mom is one of those moms that's always at home
but bake's parents are all lax
they honestly intended on just doing some homework
but baek keeps staring at kyungsoo at the other end of his bed
as he writes notes all perfectly and in line
baek starts chewing on his pen absentmindedly at kyungsoo looks up and makes a face, clearly grossed out
can you not do that? he says
it's gross and i'm trying to concentrate
baek throws the pen at kyungsoo who squawks and flails trying to dodge it
baek just throws his head back and laughs
he walks on his knees to kyungsoo's end and pecks him on the lips
you are really weird, he says
kyungsoo pouts and furrows his eyebrows so baekhyun just kisses him again, trying not to smile too much since it makes it harder to kiss
baek makes to grab kyungsoo's book to move it elsewhere but kyungsoo stops him with his hand, even with his eyes still closed
don't, he says, and carefully marks his page in his text book before gently placing it on the nightstand
once kyungsoo has resumed his seated position baek leans in again with his hands on soo's shoulders
and starts kissing him again, a little more fervently this time
kyungsoo is so methodical about everything but he lets baekhyun lead the way when they kiss, doesn't seem to mind if it's sloppy or uncontrolled
baekhyun feels kyungsoo relaxing under his fingers, any and all stress exiting his body in small sighs as baekhyun deepens the kiss, kyungsoo just following his lead and opening up for him, both figuratively and literally
baekhyun begins to wonder how much kyungsoo would open up for him (figuratively this time….although….) and decides to push down on kyungsoo's shoulders until he's lying down right underneath baekhyun
kyungsoo just goes with the flow, so unlike his usual self, and baekhyun smirks in the kiss
kyungsoo feels it, and opens his eyes
what? he asks as baekhyun looks down at him
i can't tell you right now, baekhyun says
why not? kyungsoo asks, but doesn't seem too hell bent on getting an answer because baekhyun starts kissing down the column of his neck, pulling small gasps from kyungsoo's kiss-swollen mouth
baekhyun doesn't push his limits, no matter how badly he just wants to nibble at the perfect expanse of flesh that is kyungsoo's neck, and leans up again to kiss kyungsoo once
you look so…. he says as he runs his hand through kyunsoo's hair, pushing his bangs back
kyungsoo doesn't ask what he looks so because baekhyun is doing that thing where he stares but isn't listening
kyungsoo just lets himself be admired and wills the heat in his cheeks to die down
but that doesn't really work, especially when baekhyun kisses each of his cheeks once
i want to… kyungsoo says, not making eye contact
you want to what? baekhyun asks
kyungsoo doesn't know how to word what he wants, or maybe he does but he doesn't quite want to vocalize it, so he leans up and kisses baekyun hard, bringing baekhyun's face down with a hand at the nape of his neck
that doesn't count as telling me what you want, baekhyun says when kyungsoo pulls back, chewing on his lower lip
do that thing where you read my mind, kyungsoo responds
this doesn't work like that, baekhyun says smiling
kyungsoo huffs and baekhyun leans down, nibbling at kyungsoo's ear lob, eliciting a small moan
tell me, he whispers directly in kyungsoo's ear, his breath hot and up close
i want. you. to
baekhyun flits a hand up kyungsoo's shirt, stroking his soft tummy with his fingers
i'll keep teasing until you can tell me, soo
i want you to do more than just kiss me today, kyungsoo says in one breath
baekhyun smirks and kisses up kyungsoo's jawline and asks can i? as his fingers dwindle at the button of kyungsoo's jeans
yes, kyungsoo whimpers out, hoping baekhyun doesn't notice the heat radiating from his cheeks, ears, chest, and groin
but of course he does, baekhyun is ten times more observant than he lets on to be, and as soon as he's undone the button, he reaches down a bit to run his palm over the small bulge in kyungsoo's pants
is this okay? baekhyun asks, knowing he's probably being a little bit unfair, but he's never seen kyungsoo this unwound before, and he doesn't want to do anything to lose it
kyungsoo looks up at him and nods, his eyes shining and darkening at the same time, and he raises his hips in an almost buck, probably unintentionally but it still causes a little extra friction nonetheless and he groans and scrunches his eyes shut
baekhyun walks his fingers back up and slides the zipper down slowly, tooth by tooth, until kyungsoo is almost panting in anticipation
kyungsoo wants to yell at baekhyun just do it! but he wants baekhyun to have him as baekhyun wants, so he lets him continue at a torturous pace as he tries to keep quiet, merely for the sake of his own embarrassment
baekhyun pulls the flaps of kyungsoo's jeans to the side, revealing a better view of the bulge in his boxer briefs, and baekhyun wraps his fingers around what he can through kyungsoo's underwear
kyungsoo's eyes are squeezed painfully shut, and baekhyun says don't hold back
kyungsoo opens his eyes to ask what baekhyun means but then he feels baekhyun's hand slip underneath his underwear and he groans at the skin on skin contact
that's what i mean, baekhyun says, as he squeezes and rotates his wrist ever so slightly
can you… kyungsoo says wriggling, unsuccessfully pulling at the waistband of his underwear
baekhyun snickers and helps roll kyungsoo's pants down past his knees, enough to completely free his cock and kyungsoo gasps at the cool air mixed with hot pressure of baekhyun's hand
baekhyun works up a steady slow rhythm of twisting his wrist and thumbing the head, not exactly knowing what kyungsoo likes best but figuring this works for now, when kyungsoo still probably won't tell him in detail what he wants
(he'll work on that)
baekhyun puts a little pressure on the underside with his thumb as he flicks his wrist just so and kyungsoo rolls his hips upwards on a moan and that, baekhyun thinks, is probably as close to an admission as he'll get today so he keeps at it, keeps thumbing the sensitive area on every upstroke and watches as kyungsoo's eyes roll back and his vocals pick up
baekhyun decides to push it, is this what you like? he asks and he's more than shocked and extremely pleased when kyungsoo responds with yes, please don't stop doing that
is this going to make you come? baekhyun asks, completely serious
yes, kyungsoo says, fuck, yes, i'm gonna come
please come for me, baekhyun says as he increases his speed a notch and leans down to kiss kyungsoo through his climax
kyungsoo bites at baekhyuns lips and breathes heavily through his nose as baekhyun feels kyungsoo shiver underneath him, orgasm clearly approaching him
what kyungsoo doesn't expect is for it to hit him like a train, for baekhyun's hand to suddenly feel so good, like his orgasm is being dragged out by a string and baekhyun is holding the end
he moans into baekhyun's mouth as he thrusts his hips upwards once, twice, and then he's coming hard, onto baekhyun's hand and his own stomach
baekhyun is a jerk, and keeps pumping until kyungsoo is literally pushing him off, wriggling away, too sensitive to even be touched
was that enough? baekhyun asks, was that what you wanted me to do?
kyungsoo nods shyly, his bangs hanging in his eyes with sweat, trying to catch his breath
would you want to do that again? baekhyun asks
kyungsoo nods again, a little more bold this time
would you want to do it to me? baekhyun asks, hoping for reciprocation but not expecting anything
kyungsoo bites his lip and sits up, pushing baekhyun down back on the bed
yes, he says, fuck yes i would

first date (not so fond of this one idk whatever)
kyungsoo probably suggested a movie because it seems like a good idea
but baek was like nah i don’t want to stare at other people all night
and kyungsoo blushes
but he’s like okay then you suggest something
baek is like we could go out to eat
and kyungsoo gets shy around baek but he doesn’t lose his wit
so he responds with yeah and i don’t want to stare at food in your mouth all night
so they’re like well what do we do
we have to have a date
we can’t keep hanging out at each other’s houses cuddling on the couch
yes we can
no, kyungsoo, we can’t
so they find out there’s this dumb mini carnival in their town
and neither of them can come up with a real reason why not
(until kyungsoo sees the prices of the tickets, but baekhyun just shuts him up with a stare and pays for them both)
baekhyun grabs kyungsoo’s hand once they’re in the gate and runs forward
kyungsoo calls out to ask where they’re going
and baekhyun stops and turns around
i don’t know! and he smiles
i’m just excited
why are you so excited? this thing comes every year
i don’t come here with you every year
and kyungsoo figures, fair enough
and he sees a game stand and says
you wanted a cliche date right?
and baekhyun says i never said cliche
but kyungsoo points to a giant eeyore stuffed toy and says win me that
baekhyun says if i win it i’m keeping it
kyungsoo rolls his eyes and waits for the incoming teasing remark
because it reminds me so much of you~
baekhyun reaches forward to pinch kyungsoo’s cheek but kyungsoo pushes his hand away and walks off to find something for them to eat
baekhyun ends up convincing kyungsoo to try funnel cake even though even baekhyun admits how gross it sounds
but it tastes so good i swear
kyungsoo won’t admit it but he’ll believe anything baekhyun tells him
so between them they finish about a quarter
because it’s too rich to eat the whole thing
kyungsoo has powdered sugar sprinkled over his lips
and baekhyun smirks and is about to tell him but decides to just lean across the table and kiss it away
kyungsoo is So Embarrassed but baekhyun takes him by the hand and before he can finish his thoughts they’re off bounding towards a ride
which is really not a good idea kyungsoo thinks considering the heavy dough sitting in both of their stomachs and baekhyun has mentioned on more than one occasion his tendency towards motion sickness
but baekhyun leads the way and that’s just how it is
they’re on a ride kyungsoo thinks he’s seen at other parks referred to as the gravitron but at this fair it has some other generic name
baekhyun is being an absolute show off and is showing him how he can turn upside down in his seat while the ride is in motion
kyungsoo just clings to the arm bars and tries not to notice how his eyes are drying out
when the ride ends baekhyun stumbles out of the ride quickly and kyungsoo follows and baekhyun is bent over by the exit gate and kyungsoo thinks, oh no, i should have stopped him
but baekhyun is just laughing and sits down propped up against the fence
he scrunches his eyes shut and says that was such a dumb idea
are you gonna throw up? kyungsoo asks
no i’m not gonna throw up
are you sure
yes i’m sure
actually could you get me some water though?
are you gonna stay here? kyungsoo asks
when kyugnsoo returns with a bottle of water (that was rather overpriced if you ask him but it was for baekhyun so it was semi-worth it) baekhyun is lying on the grass with his hands on his chest
you look kinda drunk kyungsoo says as he kneels down and hovers the water bottle over baekhyun’s face
baekhyun opens his eyes and opens his mouth
oh my god, i’m not going to water you like a baby
baekhyun closes his mouth and pouts, but sits up and scoots over so he’s sitting cross legged across from kyungsoo
he graciously takes the water and sips it slowly, over exaggerating the gasps of relief after each swallow
is this really better than cuddling on the couch? kyungsoo asks as he plays with a blade of grass
baekhyun reaches an arm out and pulls kyungsoo stumbling forward so he’s awkwardly sitting in his lap
kyungsoo sighs and readjusts himself so he’s sitting more comfortably and then baekhyun says
it is now
and smiles
and kyungsoo says you’re not totally off the hook
and baekhyun makes a noise of questioning
you have to win me something kyungsoo says
you don’t even want anything offered here
if they were giving out practical items as prizes it’d be another story
and kyungsoo looks down at his lap and plays with his fingers
baekhyun winds his arms around kyungsoo’s waist and finds his fingers and lets kyungsoo play with his instead
maybe i don’t…care if it’s just a stupid stuffed animal
what ws that? baekhyun says, gasping annoyingly close to kyungsoo’s ear
do kyungsoo may not actually hate frivolous gestures of sentimentality?
and kyungsoo blushes and says, shut up baek
as it turns out baekhyun is pretty shit at almost every carnival game anyway
they walk away with only a boobie prize of a 4 inch long banana in a rastafarian hat
but kyungsoo clutches it in the hand that isn’t intertwined with baekhyun’s anyway
he’ll probably throw it out in a week (or donate it, but who really wants a fucking banana toy)
but for tonight he loves it
baekhyun points out a ride that looks somewhat jerk-y but he insists it’s not going to make him sick so kyungsoo agrees to go on with him
and it doesn’t make either of them sick, it’s pretty fun, and kyungsoo relents to several more rides before their rope of tickets runs out and they’re left with only the options of more games, food, or going home
baekhyun nearly burned a hole in his pocket with games so that’s off the table
and kyungsoo eyes the remaining hot dogs in the bin warily
the little amount of fresh food being put out reminds kyungsoo hw late it probably is and he checks his phone moments before someone over a loudspeaker announces the fair will be closing for the night shortly
i think, he whispers obnoxiously at baekhyun, it’s time for this real date to come to a closing
baekhyun smiles at kyungsoo with those twinkling eyes and says
well if you don’t think cuddling on the couch for a few more hours counts as a date then i’ll just drop you off at your place
and he saunters off toward the fair exit
kyungsoo scoffs and just chases after him, refraining from hitting him in the arm (because that’s his cuddling arm and kyungsoo definitely does not discount cuddling as part of a date)
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