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seho drabbles

so i found these seho drabbles i wrote for the 10 genre drabbles meme and i guess i forgot about it and never finished? and i forgot the ideas i had for the unfinished genres so i'll just post the ones i did write here

10 seho ficlets, one in each genre of: angst, au, crack, future, first time, slice of life, hurt/comfort, smut, ust
various ratings


Joonmyun lies flat on his back in bed, well-spent and panting as Sehun struggles back into his clothes next to him. Once Sehun has his pants back on and buttoned up, Joonmyun quickly slides a wad of bills into the younger man's back pocket. Sehun smirks at him as he reaches back behind himself and pulls the money back out before leafing through it. Joonmyun reaches forward to stop him but Sehun, like a child, moves his hands away so Joonmyun cannot reach them.

"Don't you trust me enough by now?" Joonmyun asks as he relents and lies back down on the cheap, itchy fabric.

"I will always have to count it, you know," Sehun says, sticking his tongue out before his face falls into an expression more like shock. Joonmyun bites his lower lip in nervousness.

"Joonmyun, this is double - "

"I know. I just…I want you to have it. I want you to be safe. I hate the thought of you, out there, without any protection."

"I…Joonmyun, I can't accept this," Sehun says, cutting the stack of cash in half before dropping it on Joonmyun's chest and standing up off the bed. "You're…you're just a john," he says as he backs out of the motel room shaking his head.

Joonmyun tries not to bite a chunk off of the inside of his cheek when he drives home and sees Sehun bent over, his head inside the window of another man's car.


Joonmyun thinks he's finally gotten his unruly students under control when he barks a detention order at the blond misfit who sits in the back of the class, but to his shock (and dismay) it only causes to further rile up the class as wolf whistles and cat calls are tossed toward Sehun, who now shrinks in his seat with a pink tint to his cheeks. Joonmyun sends a glare to the boy that demands explanation but Sehun only refuses to make eye contact so Joonmyun figures it'll have to wait for after class.

Later, when Sehun is slumped in the front row after school, Joonmyun decides to ask.

"Sehun, would you mind telling me what this afternoon was all about?" he inquires, not looking up from the tests he's grading at his desk. He looks up after a few moments of no response from the boy. He raises an eyebrow and Sehun sits up straight.

"Um, sir," he begins, a lisp that Joonmyun had watched fade over the course of the school year making a return, "the other students found out I. Have a huge crush on you. And like to point it out every chance they get."

Joonmyun's mouth forms a small 'o' as he nods and looks back down at his work. He sneaks a peak a few minutes later at the boy whose head is now buried in his arms and Joonmyun smiles to himself. Maybe in a couple of years, he lets himself think.


Joonmyun sits up in bed suddenly with a racing heart as he wakes up to the sounds of a child crying. He looks down to his left to see a red-faced, two-foot-nothing blond mess. The small boy looks up at him with two snot rockets dribbling out of his nose and lets out a wail even louder than the previous ones. Without thinking, Joonmyun scoops up the child into his lap and begins rocking back and forth, stroking his hair and kissing the top of his head while whispering words of encouragement. His mind crosses a few different theories, but before he can speak up, the little boy starts to sob something about the crazy Chinese lady last night and how he shouldn't have trusted her.

Joonmyun freezes and his grip on the boy tightens as he replays the previous night's happenings in his head. Sehun had thrown a fit in the middle of the restaurant, complained to (yelled at) the poor waitress who simply offered him a free extra serving of dumplings after Sehun had basically had a tantrum right in front of her.

"Sehun?" he asks quietly. The boy nods under his chin. Joonmyun sighs. "What's that in your hand?"

"My fortune cookie from last night," Sehun says, sniffling. Joonmyun pries the boy’s hands open and pulls out the small slip of paper.

"If you don't want to be a child, you shouldn't act like one."

Joonmyun groans and wonders when his life became a kids' movie.


When Sehun returns home at three in the morning, Joonmyun isn't surprised to smell the alcohol wafting from his general presence. He hadn't actually intended to wait up for the younger man, but they'd left it on such a sour note that he couldn't sleep and had decided to crash on the couch with some crap television.

"Joonmyun?" comes Sehun's unsure voice from the entrance hallway. Joonmyun sits up in his seat and watches as the boy unsteadily makes his way into the living room. Joonmyun is upset, but he can never stay angry at Sehun, especially when he's looking as guilty as he does now.

Sehun kneels on the floor in front of where Joonmyun is sitting and takes his hands into his own. Joonmyun has to hold back a chuckle as the young man nearly loses his balance and falls over, grabbing onto Joonmyun's knee for support. Joonmyun can feel his pounding pulse through his hand.

"I've been thinking," he begins, "fuck, I've been thinking so much. And if you want to do it, I want to do it."

"Sehun," Joonmyun interrupts the man's thoughts. "Sehun, you don't have to - "

"No, Joonmyun," Sehun says firmly, looking up at Joonmyun with a stern furrow in his brow, and Joonmyun has to stop himself from leaning forward and kissing the adorable wrinkles away. "I really…I really mean it. It's you. There's no one else but you. Fuck, I want to marry you Joonmyun. I want a stupid house in the suburbs, I want a kid I'll never understand, I want to die knowing I spent all the time I could with you."

Joonmyun feels tears welling up behind his eyes at the confession and his face nearly splits in two with the grin he wears as Sehun stands up in front of him, dragging Joonmyun up with him.

"Ask me again," Sehun says, cupping the shorter man's face in his hands.

"Sehun, your breath stinks," Joonmyun says.

Sehun presses their foreheads together and repeats the statement. "Ask me again."

Joonmyun bites his lower lip. "Sehun, will you marry me?"

"Yes," he breathes, before closing the distance and pressing a firm kiss to Joonmyun's lips.
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