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miss u; sekai

Sehun is not a crier.

Which is why he's lying on his new dorm room bed, trying not to do just that. He'd thought he was fortunate to score the only single room on his floor, but now he's just lonely.

And he really, really misses his boyfriend. (Yeah, he knows he saw him yesterday.)

He pulls out his phone and toys with the idea of texting Jongin for a while before remembering they'd agreed to try and spend their first week at college (located at opposite ends of the country, of course) trying to meet new people, and not remain so hung up on each other. ("It hinders your ability to become independent," Jongin had said. Sehun just rolled his eyes.)

Before he can make a decision, though, his phone buzzes in his hand and up pops the familiar ID picture of a beaming Jongin with a peace sign pressed against his cheek.

u cryin yet?

Sehun almost snorts before tapping out his reply.

no, i am being a big boy like you told me to

A response comes faster than Sehun expects, and he's already feeling a little better.

i dont believe u. send a pic

Sehun rolls his eyes but bites his lip to hold back a smile before snapping a picture of himself lying down on his bed with a playful pout.

see? no tears

In response he only receives a picture not dissimilar to the one he just sent. Jongin is also lying on his bed, but he's only in the left half of the picture, the other half displaying his empty bed with his arm stretched out. Sehun's brow furrows as he responds.

youre cute, but i dont get it?

use ur crazy photoshop skills and stick urself laying on my arm

Sehun completely fails to bite back his grin when he gets another text not a moment later.

and send it to me 2 cuz i rly fuckin miss u

just for you; baeksoo

Kyungsoo stands in front of the door-length mirror hanging from his closet as he adjusts the sleeves on his light blue dress shirt. He can't decide if he wants to leave the sleeves as is, or button the cuffs and roll them up to a three-quarter length. He and Baekhyun haven't been dating very long, only about a couple of months. Long enough to want to spend such an occasion as Kyungsoo's birthday together, but still a short enough period of time for the will to impress to linger. He settles on as-is.

He's just about to grab his coat and head out to Baekhyun's apartment across town ("Have dinner with me! I can't...we'll order in, I don't really know my way around the kitchen, but...come over anyway? Please?" and how could Kyungsoo say no to that face) when his phone rings from his neatly pressed jeans pocket.

"Hi," he answers, feeling a smile growing for a reason he can't quite explain. "I was just about to head over."

"Hey," he hears Baekhyun's less-than-confident response. "So um, I know I said to come at like five, but..." Kyungsoo gets slightly nervous at the wavering of Baekhyun's voice. "Please don't kill me, but can you come a little later? Around maybe six?"

Kyungsoo tries not to let his overwhelming relief spill into his voice as he laughs and says "Of course, no problem, don't worry." (The "don't worry" might have been for himself, as well.) Baekhyun laughs too, and tosses a "see you, then" before they both hang up.

Kyungsoo has no idea why the pair are still so jittery around each other, even at the thought of each other. He thinks they're a great match...which, at this point, really just means that they get along well and seem to share similar interests. But nonetheless, he really likes Baekhyun, and despite his general uncertainty, he feels like he can confidently say he thinks Baekhyun really likes him too.

An hour later, he's fussing in front of the same mirror, rethinking his earlier decision. Ten minutes after that, he's pulling on his jacket over now rolled up sleeves and heading out the door.

He's a little early, it's seven minutes to six when he arrives, but he figures Baekhyun's 'around maybe six' gives him leeway. Still, he doesn't knock right away, for fear that maybe Baekhyun would have preferred his 'maybe' to mean something more like seven minutes after six. At five to, he tentatively raises his hand to knock after pacing for a couple minutes, but the door opens before he has the chance.

As the door swings open, he's greeted with a beaming Baekhyun whose sheepish wave and "hi" belies his grin. Kyungsoo finds himself forgetting to ask how Baekhyun knew he was there and returns with a small wave of his own.

They stand there awkwardly for more than a few seconds before Baekhyun gets a wave of confidence and pulls Kyungsoo into his apartment by the front of his jacket. Kyungsoo's heart picks up pace as Baekhyun doesn't move back to let him in, instead stopping Kyungsoo merely centimeters before him.

"Happy birthday," Baekhyun stage whispers before smirking and leaning in to capture Kyungsoo's lips in a chaste kiss. Kyungsoo lets his eyes flutter close and melts into the kiss, Baekhyun's small but soft lips matching like puzzle pieces against his own larger, plush ones. It's not by any means their first or most daring kiss, but Kyungsoo thinks it's his favorite. Every kiss with Baekhyun is his favorite, he reminds himself, and then snickers at himself for the silly thought, small puffs of air leaving his nose.

Baekhyun pulls back with an eyebrow raised, but his smirk is still present. "What's so funny?" he asks, now stepping back to actually let Kyungsoo into the entrance.

"Nothing," Kyungsoo says as he follows Baekhyun inside, reaching to link one or two of their fingers together as Baekhyun leads him to his living room.

"I ordered Thai, I hope that's okay," Baekhyun says, turning around as sits on the edge of the couch. "I mean, I already know you like that, but..."

"Yeah, that's great," Kyungsoo says, smiling in a way that says shush. "Is," Kyungsoo sniffs the air, "is something burning? I thought you weren't cooking toni-"

"Oh, no, that's Nothing's burning," Baekhyun hastily replies, and a knock at the door has him springing to his feet. "Food's here!" he says, grinning with what Kyungsoo thinks is a hint of guilt, but he can't be sure.

As Kyungsoo watches the ending credits of a movie he can't really remember the plot of (the first half was spent focused on eating, the second half making out with Baekhyun), Baekhyun disappears into the kitchen. He returns moments later with a plate carrying something white, and oh, there are candles on top and Kyungsoo flushes and dips his head, because is this what the burning smell was from?

After Baekhyun serenades Kyungsoo, on his knees, no less, with an impromptu ballad version of the happy birthday song, he sets down the cake on the table in front of him as the pair try to calm their giggles. When he's blown out the candles and the lights in the room have been turned back on, his eyes widen in surprise (and delight); red velvet cake is his absolute favorite. He can't remember ever telling Baekhyun this, though.

"Is this...did you?" Kyungsoo asks, gesturing back and forth from the cake to Baekhyun, and the kitchen.

Baekhyun bites his bottom lip, holding back a nervous smile, before he breaks down and confesses. "No, oh my gosh, I totally cheated. I bought this too, you hate me." He covers his face with his hands. "I fucked up, Kyungsoo. Twice. I burned two fucking cakes and I just wanted to surprise you with something I didn't have to order from a store." He's still standing up, hovering over Kyungsoo and the cake, and Kyungsoo reaches up to pull his hands away from his face.

"Relax," he says, chuckling, finding himself oddly at ease in spite of Baekhyun's nervous breakdown. He drags Baekhyun down by his arms until he's seated on the couch with Kyungsoo. Baekhyun's hands fidget in his lap, his wrists still encircled by Kyungsoo's hands.

"I just wanted - " his sentence is cut off by Kyungsoo pulling him forward, a quick kiss shutting him up.

"You didn't even have to do any of this for me," Kyungsoo says. "But you did. You did it just for me."

"Well, no, not just for you, I got to eat too," Baekhyun corrects.

"No, Baek, just for me. I don't know about cake, but I do know you don't even like Thai food. Or romantic comedies." Not that I was even paying attention. "And I really, really like it."

"Okay," Baekhyun relents, smiling softly. "Just for you."

dare; baeksoo

"Truth or dare?"

"What?" Kyungsoo peers behind him at Baekhyun, who has stopped pumping his legs and is now bringing his swing to a halt. Baekhyun kicks his legs at the ground, stopping the swing altogether, and turns to face Kyungsoo.

"Truth or dare."

Kyungsoo lifts his legs to let his swing unwind, having twisted the metal chains up nearly to the top bar. When he stops spinning, he plants his feet parallel to Baekhyun's, feeling a little dizzy; although he's not sure if it's from the swing or the look Baekhyun is currently giving him.

"Um...truth I guess," Kyungsoo says, trying to decipher the darkness in Baekhyun's eyes in the dim lighting of the park.

"What did you think of me when we first met?"

Kyungsoo scoffs, but not in irritation, as he almost giggles right after. "Truthfully?" he asks, hoping the guilt in his grin isn't obvious to Baekhyun.

"Truthfully," Baekhyun replies, and he's smirking like he knows.

Kyungsoo dips his head in an attempt to hide his shame. "I thought you were pretty annoying," he says, laughing slightly. He looks up to see Baekhyun's mouth drop open with a gasp of mock offense. "Well you were pretty hyper and kind of invasive!" he exclaims, covering his mouth laughing as Baekhyun swings his legs out to kick at his shins.

"I am affectionate and caring," Baekhyun says.

"Yes, I realize those to be the same things now," Kyungsoo says as he walks his feet backwards, backing away from the playful assault. "Hey, you wanted honesty!"

Baekhyun ceases the onslaught but a pout graces his face still. "Your turn then."

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth," Baekhyun states matter-of-factly.

"Why did you bring me to a playground?"

"Because I like the playground, and so should you," Baekhyun says, like it's the most obvious thing in the world. "Swings are my favorite. Don't you like swings?"

Kyungsoo bites his lip as he holds back a chuckle and says, "I believe the rules of the game are that you cannot ask me a question unless I've chosen truth."

Baekhyun rolls his eyes obnoxiously and sighs out, "truth or dare."

"Truth," Kyungsoo says.

Baekhyun grumbles and thinks for a moment before looking up at Kyungsoo and grins. "Do you like the swings?"

"What? That's a terrible question," Kyungsoo says, nearly sputtering.

"It doesn't have to be a good one," Baekhyun says.

"Yeah, I like...swings. Truth or dare."


"Why are we playing truth or dare?"

Baekhyun smiles at the ground before responding. "Because I'm waiting for you to pick dare."

"What do you want to dare me?" Kyungsoo asks, gripping the metal chains a little tighter. Baekhyun's a little shit sometimes; Kyungsoo is positive whatever he's planning won't be innocent.

"Ah-ah, mister rules of the game. Can't tell you unless you pick dare," he says, smirking.

Exasperated, Kyungsoo sighs, "fine, dare."

"Kiss me."

"What?" Kyungsoo chokes out.

"Sorry, I wasn't really clear. I dare you to kiss me." Baekhyun looks up at Kyungsoo, head still tilted down as he raises his eyebrows in a manner that has Kyungsoo's heart rate picking up. "Please?"

It's not that Kyungsoo doesn't want to. He's just somewhat paralyzed, unsure how to go about this, and sort of secretly wishing this isn't just a dare. If Baekhyun's expression is anything to go by, it probably isn't. And if the way Baekhyun is standing up off his swing, hovering over Kyungsoo, still frozen to his own swing, is anything to go by, it definitely isn't.

"Kyungsoo," Baekhyun whispers as he grips the swing chains, his fists directly above Kyungsoo's, and then he's leaning down, leaving about a centimeter of decision for Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo looks up to meet Baekhyun's eyes, and he wonders how they gained the power to sparkle even in this light. He closes his eyes in a silent attempt to convey the message.

Baekhyun's lips are a lot softer than Kyungsoo ever imagined (not that he ever imagined) and he kisses far slower than Kyungsoo was expecting (not that he was expecting). Baekhyun shifts so that the seams of their mouths are no longer matched up, and he lightly sucks on Kyungsoo's bottom lip. Kyungsoo suddenly feels about ten times more affected by gravity and he lets go of the swing to grab on to Baekhyun for better balance. He doesn't mean for his hands to land square on the backs of Baekhyun's thighs, his forefingers brushing up against the bottom of his ass, and he lets go as soon as he realizes, heat spreading up his chest and peaking at his cheeks. He loses his balance in his haste to pull back and apologize and nearly squeals when he almost falls backwards off the swing, his wrists caught just in time by Baekhyun's hands.

Kyungsoo looks up at Baekhyun with wide eyes, mainly in apology, but also in shock at Baekhyun's reflexes. "I lied," he says, before cracking a grin and bursting into a fit of giggles. "I really hate swings."

touchyfeeliosis; sehun-centric

for as long as he can remember, sehun has had a primal urge to claim what is his. he does this by physical contact, which he believes is enough of a signal to convey the message of mine. all of his hyungs are his hyungs and they all deserve to be graced with the touch of sehun.

some members notice it more than others; some don't mind, even enjoy sehun's physical displays of affection. others are at times annoyed or irritated by the constant grabbing and petting. jongdae playfully calls it a medical condition and on one occasion when sehun unconsciously reaches out to grab kyungsoo's ass, kyungsoo jumps back with an eyebrow raised and asks, "do you have a doctor's note for that, sehunah?" to which sehun pouts and stalks off.

he really can't help it, he claims one day when chanyeol recoils and makes a fuss at the dinner table after sehun absentmindedly ran a hand up chanyeol's thigh. "you can, too, help it, sehun," chanyeol scoffs before picking up his plate and taking the rest of his meal to the living room. joonmyun gives a disapproving look across the table, but his eyes say something more like not everyone is as okay with it as me.

baekhyun starts touching sehun back; smacking his behind in passing or sitting on his lap while sehun is lounging on furniture. sehun's not sure if he quite understands whether or not baekhyun is just coming to terms with sehun's trait, if he's got his own case of the touchy-feelys, or if he's plain making fun of sehun. whatever the case, sehun doesn't mind; he reasons that turnabout is fair play.

at some point sehun is able to rank his hyungs from safest to most dangerous. he makes his final mental draft when he comes home from shopping to find tao and kris mid argument. despite having been speaking in mandarin, they stop as soon as he opens the door, but he thinks he can figure out exactly what their bickering was about as as soon as they spot him, tao makes his way over to sling an arm around sehun's waist and pointedly snarks at kris, "i happen to enjoy it, so of course i'm going to encourage it," and then drags sehun to the couch for "healthy snuggles." kris rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath something about getting it out of his system before everyone else comes home. sehun nuzzles his face into tao's neck and tao smiles.

sometimes sehun wakes up in the middle of the night craving even just a small touch, so he's grateful that luhan's bed is just next to his. all he has to do is roll out and roll in and he's soon greeted by a sigh and arms snaking around his neck. he smiles contentedly; he'll have undisturbed physical contact for a few hours until the pair are woken up with a pillow to the face and a reminder for breakfast from kyungsoo.

often, sehun sets little challenges for himself. jongin is (or was) his favorite challenge. he likes to think he somehow broke jongin, that the handholding and back hugs are a testament to sehun's perseverance when it came to the brick wall of his fellow maknae. jongin is one of the least susceptible to sehun's puppy eyes and wet, pouted lips; probably because of a) the closeness in age and b) the fact that jongin's got his own secret stash of hyung-manipulations. jongin never flinched like yixing used to, never blatantly declined a hug like minseok. but there was an uneasiness whenever sehun pushed things a little farther, ran his fingers through jongin's hair a little slower than the last time. slowly, like training a pet, sehun thinks, with repeated action, jongin learned to enjoy and even embrace sehun's habits. sehun thinks his next challenge will be their manager.

sehun wonders if he should be angry or jealous when his hyungs touch each other like sehun touches them, but he truly feels somewhat responsible for (and proud of) the physical closeness of his members. he won't dare tell anyone that, though.

Tags: !fic, c:sehun, f:exo, p:baeksoo, p:sekai, r:pg
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